Don’t Touch Me

26 Jun

There’s a problem I’m having lately. I’m a very touchy person. I like to come up behind my friends and hug them. I’m always down to cuddle and play with your hair. But at my job there is a group of people I like and like to touch and another group of people who don’t know me very well who think its fine to assume a level of intimacy with me.

And I don’t like it and I don’t know what to do. I find myself in the uncomfortable position of thinking I should just say ‘don’t touch me’ but I don’t want to make drama.

I’m very fortunate that I don’t find myself in this position too often. Mostly because I can usually very clearly express my discomfort. Even in this instance I feel like if they just opened their eyes instead of assuming they’d realize I don’t want long and awkward hugs when I’m trying to put my stuff down.

I think tomorrow ill try “we can hug when I come to you. Otherwise stop trying.”

Update: Someone at work said “What’s up” and I said “He doesn’t need to hug me anymore.” My friend looked at him and said “Don’t hug her anymore” and then we all went about our business. I think that went quite well.

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