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Let’s be in the inquiry together.

2 thoughts on “Ask Anything”

  1. This isn’t a question, but I’d just like to tell you how much I like your blog.

    I’m a girl in my late teenage years, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve felt more and more strongly about feminism (probably thanks to the great resource of the internet!).

    Awhile ago my first long-term relationship ended, and I’ve been feeling pretty crummy since then. I feel kind of pessimistic about finding love in the future, and I’ve been struggling with self love and acceptance.

    But your blog inspires me! With practice, one day I will learn to accept myself. And hopefully one day I’ll find someone who is as cool as your ‘Yankee’ seems.

    So, in short, thank you!

    P.S. Thank you for posting so much John Green stuff. John Green is awesome.


  2. Read a few of your posts and enjoyed them for one simple reason… You have not only pointed out few things that we men do wrong, but also what is wrong about it. This second part is missing in many criticisms. It’s like a sequel to ‘what women want’ and titled ‘why women want that’

    One thing though. Write more often? And be more ruthless?


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