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How Do You See You?

6 Feb



I love this question. There’s a picture of me from when I was about 11 where I’m just looking at the camera and thinking nothing. It’s a picture of just my face and its hanging in my mothers hallway.

My hair isn’t that long anymore, nor my eyebrows that unkempt but when I am standing in line at CVS and a stranger looks at me, that picture is what I look like. Even if it was taken 15 years ago. I’m sure that in reality I don’t look like that anymore but in my head that’s just my face.

Except now the rest of me looks like this.

If He Drew Me I’d Be A Klimt

4 Feb

The other night I was in bed with a lovely fellow and I asked him to tell me what he liked about sleeping with women. I had been hanging out with a bi friend earlier in the day and it was on the brain.

He used some really unhelpful words to describe parts of my body like cute, pretty, hot and perfect.

I like specificity. I was unsatisfied.

So I demonstrated. I told him very specifically what I like about male bodies. Including descriptions about tastes, textures and smells. I used metaphors about fruits, topography, weather. I spoke an essay on male beauty. I wish I’d taped it.

And inspired by my stunning display of verbal gymnastics he improved the quality of his responses.

His answer was yet another example of a man in real life being very attracted to things which the media has been telling me men don’t like. If I had a nickel for every man who told me he liked thick thighs and hairy armpits. It makes me want to call Gilette and Jenny Craig like they’re old friends “Guy’s we’ve had it wrong this whole time! What kind of freaks were in your study group anyway?”

His words made me feel like art.

Rosy cheeked, lumpy thighed, bony fingered, hair askew, eyes sleepy.


Completely undeniably beautiful.

Jeez, It’s Just Hair

30 Jan

And if you’re getting a lot of her hair in your mouth then you’re doing it wrong anyway.

Aim lower.

Also, you might find that you like it. It would seem that 62 percent of men with female partners prefer it.

A quick favorite anecdote: A friend of mine just started working at a salon doing waxes and started waxing more of her body than usual because its free. She started doing her eyebrows and underarms, she tried waxing her butt too.

And her boyfriend asked her not to do it anymore. The ladies at the salon make fun of her for it but his opinion matters more than her coworkers and she doesn’t care one way or another. She gets more out of him being happy in fact.

Your body is pretty great the way it is, stop working so hard at it. And especially stop worrying about it so much.

The Perfect Endings For Imperfect Days

24 Oct

I’ve been so exhausted this week; it’s been really rough. It’s been hard to stay awake, but worse it’s been really hard to keep a positive disposition. I’ve felt myself sliding into negativity and I don’t like it.

So here are a few things that have been helping this week.

Hot Toddies

I guess “Hot Toddy” is a generous term for what I’ve been making. Tea + The Whiskey I Found In The Cupboard is a more title accurate.


Enough said.

The Weepies

For some reason I’m incapable of being sad while listening to this song. It is just the answer to everything.


Showering the day off is always the way to go. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a nice massage afterwards, gotta get that lotion all over.


I have Acid Reflux and it can get pretty bad if I’m not careful. I can’t recommend probiotics enough. If you are prone to stomach issues you should be taking a daily probiotic. If you’re taking antibiotics you should be taking probiotics. If you’re me you should be taking probiotics.

Also, even though I take it every morning, I take my pill when I do my makeup which helps me feel like it’s a treat for myself instead of a medication. Every morning I treat myself to the chance to eat pain free! Thanks, self!


You Look Like Nature

22 Oct

I love this so freaking much.

And this set.

I love any artistic reminder that my body is a part of nature, just as perfect as a planet or a star or the milky way.

I dearly wish that people would view their bodies as they view flowers…

Veins everywhere?



Skin patches? Birthmarks?


hella rad~

Scars? Stretch marks?



Freckles? Moles? Acne scars?


heckie yeah~

Large? Curvy?



Small? Thin?



Missing a few pieces?


handsome as ever~

Feel like you just look weird?


you’re fantastic looking~

Do you think that what makes you unique is a flaw? What nonsense. If you weren’t so specific then you’d be just like everyone else.

I’m gonna get really real on you guys here for a minute. I’m a Jewess with Jewess body hair. It’s something that I don’t do much about, I’d rather turn away guys who are turned off by that (and therefore me), than have to change myself for someone else in a way I don’t even enjoy.

However, as strongly as I feel about it, as much as I don’t intend to change it, I still battle with embarrassment about it every time I have a new partner. Even when a guy tells me he loves that quality about me I have a flash of insecurity about it. I doubt it’ll ever really go away (congratulations Gilette advertising team, you’ve internalized that shame in me forever).

One of my best friends runs the opposite way. She hates having any hair on her body. She actually just got a groupon for lazer hair removal (I should ask her how that’s going). She has the exact situation I prayed I had when I was in high school and starting to get naked with people. Every time we talk about it I get a pang of jealousy. Life must be so easy for her with no shame or fear about getting nakey with someone new.

“I’m really insecure about my labia. Guys have teased me because they’re too big.”

My jaw dropped.

And then I realized that having insecurities about your body isn’t special at all. Everyone has something that makes them feel as embarrassed as your chicken legs make you feel. So you don’t need to get over your insecurity. Try of course, but no need to beat yourself up for failing. Instead, next time you get that feeling think of the things your friends hate about their bodies but which you think are beautiful. And remember that this person thinks your legs are as beautiful as you think Rachel’s hair is.

I just remembered this story; I was seeing this guy who I thought was so cute. Gawky and awkward and smart and smiley. The first time i saw him with his shirt off I found a big scar on his chest. I asked him about it and apparently he needed heart surgery when he was a baby. He told me this story and for some reason imagining him as some helpless beautiful baby made me just want to take him in my arms and cover him in kisses all the more. “That’s so attractive” I said to him with a big smile on my face and a fresh kiss on our lips. The sigh of relief that came out of him surprised me. Who wouldn’t find such a thing sexy?

I’ve also been known to find intense vitiligo and half chopped off digits attractive. What can I say, I like flawed characters.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone that labia come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There’s no need to make someone feel bad about their completely normal, healthy body. If you are having a hard time loving your large lips check out this tumblr,, it’s sure to make you feel better.

Never change, Beautiful.

Can We Start A Kickstarter Or Something?

3 Oct

These pieces were made by 18-year-old British artist Eleanor Beth Haswell and are unfortunately not available for sale. Which sucks because I would buy them so fast!

People make a lot of noise suggesting that the underwear you choose is for the person who theoretically gets to take it off of you but actually you are the most important client it has.

The collection is called “Why Are You So Afraid of Your Own Anatomy” and if twitter is anything to go by, the garments are only a catalyst for a conversation called “We Are Indeed Completely Afraid Of Our Own Anatomy.” Not that that surprises anyone.

However, as someone who has had to explain female reproductive anatomy to sexually active adult women (jeez), I think these are great. I want a pair for me and a dozen for christmas to give as gifts. Can we get on that?

Love your body. Feed it food.

1 Oct

This trailer popped up on my news feed this week and I’ve been trying to write about it without puking for the last few days.

Writing here, and trying to lead a sex and body positive life people try to pick fights with me about bodies and fat all the time.

They trot out the same boring old theories that fat people are just lazy and it’s their own fault.

Just about anything is healthy in moderation but companies put ingredients in food that we aren’t choosing consciously and that is what gets a lot of people into trouble.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Michael Pollan [x]


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