Cameron Russell Says Looks Aren’t Everything

28 Jun

I’m slightly taller than average. And until I finished high school I was a long, slender young thing with good skin. And if you’re a pretty enough skinny white girl in public school you’ll hear often enough that if you can just convince your body to get a little taller without gaining any weight then you could be a model. Oooh.

I must admit that my first leg wax at the age of 14 permanently cured me of any delusions that I would ever enjoy being a model. Combine that with the fact that my left eye doesn’t open when flash photography is involved and I was forced to seek out alternative careers.


And yet there were so many girls I knew who saw modeling as an ideal career where they could be among the happiest most beautiful girls.

Today I had lunch with some family members and remembered that I started FemaleGazing for High School Me. I wish she could have shown her friends this.

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