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If You Wanna Be My Sistah

I just started reading Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman and I’m already in love with it!  Tonight on the way home I read a bit I particularly liked:

l apologize if you don’t quite understand that.  Moran speaks British.

Basically what she is saying is something my friend Sam said to me the other day.  I was telling him about an ex-friend of mine and it was really hard because I don’t like to speak ill of other women but she has no redeeming qualities.  So I was basically left with “We were friends but we’re not anymore because she did some mean things.”

And Sam pointed out that treating a woman like a faberge egg simply because she has a vagina is a lot like treating a woman like a doormat because she has a vagina.  They’re both wrong.  They both pale in comparison to treating all people like people.

I am in many many ways pro-sisterhood, I just think that refusing to hold people accountable for their faults is like making a racist joke but preceding it with “No offense but-.”  It’s not going to cut it.

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