The Podcast

Hello all,

I started a podcast!  If you like the podcast more than the blog and want to subscribe to my words only in their spoken form then you can find them all here or the RSS feed here.

I also wanted to talk a little bit about my plan for the podcast.  When I started FemaleGazing I did it because I had all these things I wanted to say.  They were all swimming around in my head and needed to get out.  So the mission statement for the blog is that I’ll make posts about things that give me that words-in-my-head-that-need-to-be-screamed feeling.

The mission statement for the podcast was a little harder to come by.  When it was first suggested to me that I turn FG into a podcast my first thought was “I have to interview Cori about her christian virginity!” and then… well I don’t know what I’ll do after that.  I’ll figure it out on the way.

And then it hit me.  The mission statement for the podcast is that I’m going to “interview” people about experiences they have had that I haven’t had and that I find interesting or that have shaped our lives differently.  And I’ll try to do it every week.

Well that’s all for now.  Enjoy!

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