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Be My New Friend

I keep going to these things; holiday parties, housewarmings, yoga, birthdays.

I meet these wonderful women; supportive, kind, beautiful, open hearted. And I spend the rest of the evening gushing with these women about men and work and family, falling out of shoes, our feelings about eyeliner and our butts. And we exchange texts later about how much we want to be real life friends when this night is over.

It’s wonderful and always serves as a reminder that there is a big world of kindness out there.

Friendship doesn’t have to be built on hating the same things. It can be built on just simple listening. Time spent noticing the kindness in someone’s face when they’re really listening to you. And endeavoring to give them the same gift in return.

It feels really good.

I want more of this.

I want more relationships that are just about supporting and being supported. It feels so nice.

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Thanks For Teaching And Listening And Spending Time With Me

As we all know, I started this scary new job.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m doing yet.

Hey, my roommate wants to know how I’m doing so far. What should I tell her?

Crushing it. It’s unrecognizable, that’s how hard it’s been crushed.

I’m pretty grateful for this encouragement.

And to show my appreciation from now on I promise to stop suggesting all the people who I think would be doing this job infinitely better than me and just go forth with your support and a (sometimes false) air of confidence.

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Breakup Season

A few times a year you hit a week or two when it just feels like breakup season. You get calls from across the country, weeping, late at night. Usually chirpy coworkers dragging themselves in, forgetting stuff and ducking out to the bathroom a lot.

You feel for them, comfort them. Talk them through their first solitary meals in months. Distract them while they’re getting dressed in the morning. Buy them ice cream.

And all the while a little piece at the bottom of your heart is saying “And everyone was worried about me missing out on that?”