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I Will Posses Your Heart

I’m very bad at naming things.  I called my car Car, the cat Cat, my mother Mom, and all of my friends boyfriends I refer to as Boyfriend.  I’ve actually been teased a lot because I don’t call my mother My Mother, I call her Mom, as though she were your mom too.

The part I always have a hard time with is Mine.

“I have no fear of losing you, for you aren’t an object of my property, or anyone else’s. I love you as you are, without attachment, without fears, without conditions, without egoism, trying not to absorb you. I love you freely because I love your freedom, as well as mine.”
– Anthony de Mello [x]

I’ve heard it said that some couples prefer to live together without a marriage contract because that way when you have a fight you’re reminded that you’re both choosing to be in this commitment.  There is no contract binding you together, just a commitment made and re-made daily.  No Mine, just the decision to hold on for the ride.  I think that sounds nice.