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Love, Hate and Hannah Horvath

22 Apr

In college we read the play Proof. In one of the early scenes there’s a bit where the main character’s sister suggests she use a particular shampoo.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.53.16 PM

The teacher said “it’s one of the great tricks of this playwright. You don’t know that hair is dead. You have no reason to be on Catherine’s side of this fight and yet instead of being on Claire’s team the entire audience is with Catherine, thinking her sister is an idiot.”

And that’s what I think of when people criticize HBO’ Girls and hate on Hannah Horvath. In season 5 there is a moment where Hannah goes away for the weekend with her mother and before bed her mother brushes her teeth.

“Hannah, aren’t you going to brush your teeth?”

I’m a morning brusher. I go at it hard in the morning.”

Immediately you hate Hannah. And remember that you did exactly the same thing last night. And have a certain amount of internal conflict about those two facts co-existing.

That, to me is the beauty of the show. That is why it’s so cringe worthy. It’s why we hate it and simultaneously can’t look away. It’s what makes it a brilliant slice of the early 2010s instead of trite hipster trash (well, maybe they’re not mutually exclusive). That’s what it means when I say the show is smart. That’s what it means when I defend a completely indefensible character.

Unlearn White Skin Being The Default

7 Oct


I’ve been looking at this and loving it for a while. I’ve been putting off posting it because I don’t know what I can really add to it.

But I think the answer is that I don’t have to add to it. I’m white, I’m gonna default to listening to others instead of thinking I have all the answers.

The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn

8 May

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

How hard can that be?

How much effort does one person need to put into learning how to be loved.

When someone was in love with me my breath was taken away every time he said it. Was that me not knowing how to be loved or just enjoying the feeling? Getting acclimated?

The media makes a big deal out of learning how to be loved. Do I not think it’s a big deal because it isn’t really a big deal, or because I just haven’t had to learn it yet?

Polling the audience here. Did you have to learn? Was it as difficult as Grey’s Anatomy would have you think?



I Love Amy Schumer

6 May

Today I watched the latest episode of Inside Amy Schumer.

An Episode, any episode, they’re all brilliant.

You know what I love about that show? It’s that it feels like it’s just the contents of her brain, spilled out all over the place, the good, the bad and the ugly. In any given episode there will be some amazing, subversive feminist pieces like this.

Or this

Or this

And there will also be other random stuff she finds funny like this

And her humor includes the gross and scatological.

I don’t love absolutely everything but she’s a person with a broad sense of humor. And I love that she’s allowed to express all of it.

How excited am I to see her movie? Very excited.

Here’s to How I Met Your Mother and Living Long Lives

2 Apr

At this point I’m going to assume that everyone either has seen the finale of How I Met Your Mother because you just couldn’t stop watching no matter how hard you tried, or that you just seriously don’t care. So, fair warning on spoilers.

I didn’t really enjoy watching the finale. It was like a lot of television finales, a lot of exposition, a lot of information to choke down, a lot of endings to tie up. You’re sitting there checking them off your list more than you’re enjoying the show. It’s kind of the opposite of the pilot episode, everything takes work, nothing is easy.

But that’s what happens with most finales.

I really really enjoyed the moral of the finale.

I really enjoyed going to bed afterwards thinking about how even larger than the ending itself, larger than the story about these characters, the ending was actually about how you can love more than one person in a lifetime. How you can still be with someone who doesn’t want the things that were so important to you because life is long and circumstances change. And everyone deserves a third act.

Do I care about the fantasy lives of these made up characters in their fantasy future? Of course not. It’s a TV show.

Do I care about the idea that there is life after the loss of a loved one? Yes.

Do I care about the idea that you can want kids and still end up with both kids, and the person you love who doesn’t want kids because a life is a long thing and things happen and circumstances change?


Yes, I do care about that.

So, yeah, I loved the ending. It was exactly what Ted “She’ll be perfect” Mosby would have wanted and also what Me “Please lower your expectations because you’re stressing me out” Myself would have wanted.

At the same time we saw that love can be instantaneous, like Ted has always professed, and can also take a lifetime, like us cynics have always wanted to scream at him.

Ted has always believed that he would get that perfect The One You Spend Your Life With one day, and it turned out that in MacLaren’s, just like in the real world, sometimes you don’t get TOYSYLW, you just get Love. Good capital-L Love with all the people who deserve it.

Because eventually everything and everyone will come and go.

So you might as well love everything and everyone you can while you can.

Dominatrix Breakroom

10 Mar

A friend of mine posted about this wonderful web series the other day. Introducing Dominatrix Breakroom.


A Very Bad Day Of Gender Swapping

24 Feb

From Wifey.tv comes a story of role reversal and abuse.

The part that rings truest to me is the scene in the police station. How resistant the cops are to caring about his story. Making him listen to the statement as though he weren’t still immediately upset by it and treating him like the problem, like obviously he was doing something wrong to deserve such an attack.