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Another Great Rape Joke!

More for the series of good rape jokes:

Alright, so I don’t quite agree with his stance on “That’s so gay” though if you listen carefully you’ll notice that he doesn’t dislike the concept of removing “That’s so gay” from our vocabulary   He just doesn’t like Hilary Duff.  And that I’m less concerned about.

However, I tend to expect little from Dane Cook and this was a pleasant surprise.

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Great Rape Joke!

Another in the series of smart funny jokes about sensitive material.

And I will add that even though I knew the joke before I heard it the first half of the story made my heart race.

Your job as a comedian is to take us through pain, transcend pain, transform pain. And if you don’t get that, you are a fucking bully, and I’ve got zero time for bullies.

-Curtis Luciani [x]

Also, this dude is so cute too!  Am I more attracted to him because he’s obviously not a misogynist idiot?  Probably.

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If You Don’t Think I’m Funny Then You Can Leave

Today I was having a discussion with a new friend about how there’s a guy who seems to be trying to impress me with how funny he can be.

I read her our text conversation and she laughed out loud and said “You’re so much funnier than he is!”

And based on the very little I know about this man (less than a dozen text messages), it’s true.  I am funnier than he is.

And it reminded me of a bar I went to last summer.  Or more specifically a drunk ‘comedian’ I met at that bar.

My friend was dating a male model at the time and I enjoyed hanging out with her and watching her cuteness grow exponentially when adjacent to his beautifulness so I went.  They told me they were bringing one of his friends.  This friend was apparently tall, Jewish and funny.  What’s not to love?

This guy may have been a Jew but he was certainly neither tall nor even moderately funny.  What he was, was drunk.  Very drunk.  And I’m sure his drunkenness made him even less funny than I’m sure he naturally is.

And it must be said that knowing a funny man was my setup, I brought my funnybone along too.  And this is what I realized that night.

You don’t have to be the funniest guy in the room for me to like you.  I’ve had plenty of crushes on guys who are quiet in groups.  As long as you make me laugh when we’re alone, then I don’t mind if I have to be the entertaining half of this couple at dinner parties.

I also wouldn’t mind being with the funniest guy in the room.  That would be fun too I’m sure.

The one thing I do know I couldn’t live with is a guy who resented the fact that I was funnier than he was, who clearly felt that he was diminished by my having excellent (if only occasionally so) vocabulary.

I’ve heard it said that men want a woman with a good sense of humor (someone who laughs at his jokes) and women want a man with a good sense of humor (someone who makes her laugh).  This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and I hate it.  

If you don’t laugh at what I find funny then I don’t want to sleep with you.  And if you additionally are embarrassed by having a girlfriend who does funny things that men are commended for on a daily basis then you are dismissed.


Non-Offensive Sensitive-Subject Jokes!

In continuation of the discussion about rape jokes (blonde jokes, fat jokes, race jokes etc) I bring you another wonderful joke.

Yep.  Basically.

Also, he’s really cute!  If anyone knows what his name is I’d be happy to listen to him talk a while.

And if anyone was curious, if you want to date me you should get that haircut.  And those glasses.  And chin.  And adams apple.

Doesn’t he just look like he’s doing a TED talk and not a comedy show?

Yay for good jokes!

“Dude, you’re so edgy and politically incorrect. It’s totally ironic and satirical how you regurgitated those ancient and threadbare stereotypes. It reminds me of my great great great great grandpa, Cracker von Patriarch, who also challenged the status quo by embracing it with loving tenderness.” [x]