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All The Media

10 Aug

On a recent episode of pop culture happy hour a host was talking about how she could tell which episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale were directed by men and which ones were by women by their rape scenes. Most episodes in the series have them and if they made you feel ill then they were directed by women.

And when she said that I realized why Get Out was such an effective movie.

I struggle with how to keep this blog relevant for an intersectional audience. With all the privilege I carry around.

How do I make sure I’m being the change I wish to see? For everyone.

I guess step one is consuming and creating media in which people tell stories that make me feel that feeling. That even though I may never be at risk for an experience, I can see, smell and taste it, that it can turn my stomach too. And I can acknowledge simultaneously that I’m not at risk for it and that no one else should be either.

The Bechdel Test In Numbers

25 Apr

When I left homeĀ for college I met the first person in my life who was all “feminism is bullshit, we don’t need it.” I had no idea how to respond. I’d never met someone like that before. My blood boiled, feminism was duh. Why you gotta be so dumb? And (worst of all) also have a pretty face I want to talk to? Argh! Conflict.

But here we have. Science, facts. TheĀ backup for that conversation that I was looking for then.

The charts are amazing.

The silence is brutal.

I Gave Up Dairy

20 Apr

Life has been really hard without cheese in it.

You really have no idea.

I live in New York, the pizza capital of the world.

But this girl is spot on.

And so is all her pizza.