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STI Check

4 Apr

Just in case you’re nervous you have something.

Get tested.

Being worried you have something is hard.

Actually having something is usually treatable.

Women Wipe Front To Back

21 Feb

Let’s talk about a very different kind of self-care: If you have a vagina, you should be wiping front to back.

A friend of mine was getting a bunch of UTIs and she got some great advice from *ahem* a friend:

You wipe front to back right?


When you use the bathroom and you wipe, you wipe front to back?

No, how do you even do that?

I called my mom.

Can you imagine? She didn’t know to wipe front to back.

Yes, I didn’t know either.

What!? But I remember dad reminding me when I was a kid. The only memory I have of being potty trained is him telling me “your plumbing is internal so you wipe front to back.”

Yes. I didn’t know, I got a lot of infections, a doctor told me to wipe front to back. So when I had a kid I told your dad that we were gonna teach you that.

Every time I see a Gyno for a yeast infection we have this conversation:

Do you wipe front to back


So there you go. If your plumbing is internal you wipe front to back. You don’t want any fecal matter in those delicate ecosystems.


I Can’t Just Lighten Up, And I Don’t Want To

18 Mar

I spend a lot of time looking at the internet, looking for articles to write about, .gifs to express my fatigue at republicans and images that explain a feeling I can’t begin to put into words

Sometimes I find a picture that instantly makes me understand a concept I’ve had explained to me dozens of times. Like the one above. My best friend often finds it very difficult to be happy. And since we met I’ve spent hours telling her to fake the smile til she makes it, to go to her happy place and will herself to shelve the bad thoughts. And this image was a slap in the face. I was wrong, I’m sorry. I see now that I was hurting instead of helping.

And so I’m revising my advice, I’m going from the above image to the one below. Because I don’t need you to always be happy, I just need you to always be healthy and always be you.

I love you.