Sex Ed Is The Best Ed

Sometimes I think about what this blog means to me. I call this ‘my sex and feminism blog’ when I talk about it with my friends. That sort of sums up what ends up on the blog but it isn’t why I started writing it.

Secretly this blog is all the things that I wish we discussed in a thorough sex education. Think of it as continuing education of a woefully lackluster high school Sex Ed.

And even more secret than that is my secret desire to be a Sex Ed teacher. Some amazing super hero sex ed teacher with a spandex suit under my teaching garb with a big S on the chest (for sex, duh).

One of my favorite things in this clip is that while John Oliver is putting on a show for his normal viewers, he’s actually giving a more comprehensive class than some of the teachers he spotlights, and he only uses 20 minutes.



This guy¬†(he’s also this guy¬†sometimes, and also the brother of the man who writes these amazing things) just started producing yet another educational youtube series for me to geek over. And this one is about my favorite topic!

Introducing Sexplanations.

Hosted by the delightful Dr. Doe

And edited as hilariously as all the other Green projects.

At the time I’m writing this she only has 14 episodes and she’s already covered Intersexuality, Protection, UTI’s and how to have the sex you want to be having.

Go hit subscribe.