Adair You To Be Awesome

This is the most heartening thing I’ve ever seen.

Also, I want to point out that in the full news report the founders say “They’re pants for when you wanted to have a ‘lazy day'”

That’s what women say. I’m not having a lounge. I’m having a lazy day. Even when women want to have a little R&R they can’t help but use a negative word to describe how they do it. The words we use are important, their positivity can be important too.


Can We Start A Kickstarter Or Something?

These pieces were made by 18-year-old British artist Eleanor Beth Haswell and are unfortunately not available for sale. Which sucks because I would buy them so fast!

People make a lot of noise suggesting that the underwear you choose is for the person who theoretically gets to take it off of you but actually you are the most important client it has.

The collection is called “Why Are You So Afraid of Your Own Anatomy” and if twitter is anything to go by, the garments are only a catalyst for a conversation called “We Are Indeed Completely Afraid Of Our Own Anatomy.” Not that that surprises anyone.

However, as someone who has had to explain female reproductive anatomy to sexually active adult women (jeez), I think these are great. I want a pair for me and a dozen for christmas to give as gifts. Can we get on that?

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I’m Perfect, The Garment Sucks

The other day I was shopping with my mom and tried on these overall-shorts things that looked really cute on the mannequin but not so much on me.

And she was like “You need those crazy butt-lift underwear for those shorts.”

To which I said, “My body is perfect, the garment is wrong.”

Lately when I go shopping that’s my favorite line. This garment is not sentient, I don’t have to worry about it’s feelings. It’s clearly not paying attention to me and my needs. it is wrong and a jerk and I have no place for it in my life. It is the weakest link, goodbye.

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There Can Never Be Too Many Pockets

Some days I think that the simplest mark of the patriarchy we live in lies in my pants.


Men have so many pockets and I have none.

Dudes get to wear cargo pants.  I can’t even count the pockets on a pair of those. They get breast pockets that are actually useful unlike the sorry excuse for breast pockets on women’s shirts.

Even dance/exercise pants have more pockets for men than women.

Look at these great men’s biking pants from lululemon with all those useful pockets!

Meanwhile when I look at their version for women I find myself being impressed by the fact that they have a pocket to hold a key while you run.

They might even have two pockets!  How exciting is that?  Because in my experience the exercise clothing I’ve been encouraged to wear in the past have looked a lot more like this.

And I’m not even going to comment on that top.

Just another reminder that showing off my sexy female body is so much more important than being a useful human being with keys, money, a phone…

Also, the day I discovered that men’s suit jackets have secret inside pocket I just about died of jealousy.

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What To Wear? What To Wear?

It started with a dress.

And a teeny tiny waist.

Then a class where we talked about corsets.

And what they did to women’s bodies during the 19th century.  How women lived with perpetually fractured ribs and displaced organs in the race to a tiny waist.

How uteri (yes, I looked that up because I had no idea what the plural of uterus was) were pushed out of the vagina under the weight of so much clothing.

You could say we’ve gotten away from this now that many women dress like this

But if you ask Stacey and Clinton or any straight man, they’ll tell you to accentuate your waist.  Make it look smaller.  Perhaps like this

Or if you go to my school, maybe like this

We can say that this is fashion paying homage to women’s bodies.  The sexy nature of our curves…


Now, into the technical.

There is a difference between sex and gender.

Merriam Webster has this to say on gender.

2b : the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex.

And this to say on sex.

1: either of the two major forms of individuals that occur in many species and that are distinguished respectively as female or male especially on the basis of their reproductive organs and structures

Sex is something you don’t get much choice in.  You’re born with some parts and just need to deal with it throughout your life.

Gender is performative.

Which, according to my drama teacher means that it’s all pretend costumes and we can take it off whenever we want.

I’ll just let you think on that.

Most men can agree that this is hot

But this is pretty acceptable too

However (as much as I enjoy this) it’s not quite within the bounds of what society says a man can be.

All of this just to say that women can dress feminine and men can dress masculine.  But if a woman decides to dress more masculine she’s just being modern.  She’s being professional, elevated even.  Should a man decide to do something a little different…well…