Welcome back to my channel

Or welcome afresh! Who am I to pretend to know what series of life events has brought you here? But either way I’m honored and flattered to have the opportunity to delight you on this day.

It is with many diverse feelings that I return to these pages again.

If you’re a person who follows me quite closely then you’ll know that this year I took a pretty scary leap. After 10 years of messing around as an amateur sexual health educator and body-positivist, I took a step towards being the person I wanted to become in 2011 when I started writing here. I enrolled in the Vita sex, love & relationship coaching program.

And holy shift did it feel so good. To be in spaces where we were having deep conversations about boundaries, pleasure, and the heart of tantra; the holiness and worthiness of all bodies and experiences.

Learning about the power of breathwork, meditation, inner child healing, and gaining new understandings of the tools I had been unwittingly using lo these many years; space holding, active listening, mirroring.

So now I’m back here, paging through the writings of a much younger self who, blessedly, I mostly agree with.

So if you’re new to these pages then be forewarned that anything farther back than this may be questionable, outdated or even offensive. The writings and learnings of a girl confronting the ways colonization, religion and patriarchy have been taking from us without asking consent first.

But know that what came before, and whatever comes after is written in the service of, well, service. For the woman who hates the way her thighs rub together, or the high schooler who isn’t quite sure they fit the identity their friends seem to want to see.

I’m here as a reminder that there is no wrong way to be you. That the only right thing to like is whatever or whoever you authentically do, regardless of what kinds of relationships or clothes or clubs your friends are in.

So I’m here for the questions, the concerns and the fears. The “Is it weird that I’m straight but I want to try anal?” No, just remember to read up and to relax first. I’m here to hear about that part of your body you think is bad, broken or wrong. I have to warn you I’ll be pretty hard to convince though. And I’ll also be here with the tools and anatomical drawings to help you see the perfection in every piece of your body and your desires.

And most of all I’m here to coach. To jump into the pit and be with you in the inquiries, and to find a path out of the darkness together. I’m really excited about it. And I’m even more excited knowing that you’ll be there with me.

If you’re curious about what a coaching relationship can create in your life you can schedule a discovery call with me here. I can’t wait to see what we will create together!

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Menstruation Appreciation

I’ve been finding a lot of really cool menstruation art lately, and that’s not something I ever thought I would say.

And it’s really cool.

Even though any guy in his 20’s should be fine with talking about periods I still get mortified by my own, and it’s really cool to find art that does something other than avoid or dance around the whole thing, opting for kool-aid-esque blue liquid and calling the female half of the population dirty.

Something that’s actually