Just Watching Beyonce’s VMA Performance and Crying

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world that I want to and don’t have the words to talk about. Other people have spoken about Ferguson  so much better than I can. There’s the girl carrying around a mattress which seems to actually be getting people to pay attention to sexual assault on college campuses. This world is full of people busily making a mess of it. So instead of making myself sad with all of that I decided to watch Beyonce’s VMA performance instead. I thought it would be a light use of 15 minutes. And now I’m crying. Here are my thoughts from the 15 minute video (which apparently WordPress has a hard time presenting. Just click the link):

I love the mixture of park-n-bark and dancing (in a way that allows her to also sing) and also choosing to just dance. It’s the opposite of the Katy Perry lipsync catastrophy and live singing mess. Beyonce designed this routine so she could dance when she wanted to dance and sing when she wanted to sing.

Dude, she is using that microphone! I cant present that as fact obviously, but I love that I even believe it.

A lot of the lyrics I heard in a new way watching her enjoy them. “Don’t be so scared just do what I tell.” She isn’t bossy, she is THE boss and you can do what she tells.

I love the afros! I love the natural hair. I love seeing all her dancers together, it feels like everyone is represented.

Anyone who saw her in Dreamgirls knows that Beyonce isn’t a great actress. The caveat being, when she’s singing. And maybe it’s because when she’s singing she doesn’t have to fake anything, she just goes with a feeling. That’s certainly what it feels like here.

There are no costume changes for her! It makes me feel like she’s just laying all her cards out. “These are all facets of me. One me.” and it feels like there are no special effects, it’s just her performing herself.

“How did you wake up today?” This was probably my favorite part of the performance. The way she said that and sang the song gave me so much hope. It felt like she was thinking “If I can get them to sing it out loud, if I can dance hard enough then they’ll believe it. They’ll actually believe they’re flawless.”

I LOVE the joy on her face as she listens to Blue’s voice swim and reverberate all around her. The pride and the pleasure. It’s really beautiful.

Also, the other musicians in the audience reacting to her is amazing. Taylor Swift enjoying the hell out of it and also knowing she can’t compare. Even better though is the jealousy etched into the “bored” faces of the Jenner girls and that couple standing next to Swift who look like they want to jump off a cliff.

P.S. I watched it a second time and cried again.

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The Best Track Not On Beyonce’s New Album

Listen up peasants, the queen has something to say.

A few weeks ago a friend was telling me that before she got married her and her then fiance were going at it like bunnies and then after they got hitched it took a swan dive. She brought it up and apparently there was some mental block about the word “wife.” Dan Savage talks about this too.

We have a lot of concepts in our culture of what it means to be a wife and mother. A whore/madonna discourse that leaves a lot of women with unmet needs.

Thank you Beyonce for remembering that adding Wife or Mother to your list of descriptors doesn’t detract from any of the other things that you are. A woman, an artist, sexual.

And thanks for reminding us all too.

P.S. I love hearing that Partition is mostly just fantasy. That she isn’t bragging about how perfect her sex life is but instead it’s an expression of the fact that her life has a lot of different responsibilities but when she sees her husband, this is what plays through her head because even after a baby she is still INTO him.

All hail.


Who Runs The World? Pricks.

I finally made myself sit through the whole video (and song for the first time) for Beyonce’s new song Run The World (Girls) today.

First off go ahead and watch it.  If you dare.  I don’t suggest watching it lying down.  You may fall asleep.  Or sneeze.

How is she not bored of herself yet?  Every song she’s ever made is ‘I’m a powerful capital-B Bitch!’  Add in a beat you can jump around to and some barely there costumes and; Tada!  You too can be Sasha Fierce!

This song in my opinion is especially heinous.  First of all there’s the part where it’s actually a terrible song.  It’s so boring that if I were dancing to it in a club I’d use it as an excuse to pee.

Then of course there’s the part where she completely co-opts feminism.  And I think gives feminism a bad name.  Here’s a fabulous youtube video that explains this perfectly.  Plus, it’s really funny.

Update: These guys don’t care at all about the feminism.  They’re just huge Beyonce fans talking about the song as a song.  Which is also interesting and really hysterical.