Lets Limp Along

31 Jan

I’m trying to find something, some piece of resistance that I can do consistently without going crazy. Because feeling like I’m accomplishing something makes me feel good, but feeling like I’m clawing my way uphill certainly does not.

I donate monthly to the organizations listed here. That helped when I signed up for them. And it helps me sleep on days where I feel like I contributed nothing to society. I was sick and drank tea all day, I didn’t go to any meetings, call any senators or even go exercise.

I bought a stack of postcards to send to my congressmen. It actually made me feel better. I ignored the scripts I found online and spoke from the heart, using my best guilting-jewish-grandmother tone.

Senator, I was really disappointed to hear that you voted yes on that bill. I hope that you can be more representative of your constituents in the future so that I can be proud to vote for you next time around.

Affixing a superwoman stamp to each one.

But reading the updates, what’s coming up for a vote, what’s on the chopping block, what I should be reacting to and writing about, it’s more than I can do once a week. And the phone calls, I’m not sure I can do the phone calls.

It’s a disheartening time to be young and passionate in America. It makes me long to be young and passionate somewhere else. It’s a tough time for values that wouldn’t be classified as “religious right.” Or alt-right.

It’s Your Pond

24 Jan

This wonderful drawing (Credit to @pinkdiamondprince for the original post) perfectly displays what people mean when they say “Sexuality is fluid.” Don’t worry about what you may have been or what you will be. You can always rename the pond, it is yours after all.

Dust Yourself Off And Try Again

19 Jan

I’m not feeling so well lately, emotionally, when I look at the world outside myself.

I’m trying to do more self-care, more yoga, more cooking, more making beautiful things for my friends, donating.

The Planned Parenthood tumblr page is really helping keep my head straight.

My initial reaction in November was automatic self-care. I cried in public when I needed it, I shrunk from situations that felt daunting. Since then I’ve taken to reading articles and beautiful words about it.

But now it feels like it’s time to brush ourselves off and get back up.

See you there friends!

Non-Verbal Communication

17 Jan

I feel like I live in this cartoon every damn day.

I spend so much of my time talking and thinking about communication with other people, usually male people.

I’m no expert of course. I think of myself as a life-long learner in the art of human communication.

But there are people who have never been pupils of it and that is a sobering realization for me every single time.

A History Of The Condom

30 Dec

Because I love you and I didn’t post yesterday, here is a history of the condom.



Vagina Dispatches

27 Dec

Know any young people in need of some clarification? Or any adults in need of a refresher course?

I like to think that I know a lot about how bodies work and I was shocked at some of this information.

Pass it on. Share the knowledge, share the love.

Murray’s Law

22 Dec

Lately I can’t seem to get this quote out of my head.

I’m not entirely sure it applies to people who live the life that I lead, traveling, touring, getting out and around the world regularly.

I think what he’s trying to say is that when you find someone you think might be the one then you should throw yourself into the toughest positions imaginable with them. See how you pull each other out and through.

If they can not only see you through, but improve, make amazing, a chapter of your life that could have been horrifying, then maybe they do deserve to get to see you through the rest of it.

After all, what other horrors could they make (nearly) fun. Illness, pain, grief. They might give perspective to existing family drama, old grudges or anxious situations.

A person capable of improving your perspective on the world is invaluable.

I think that’s what Murray is saying.