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Peanut, Peanut Butter And Jelly

7 Mar

I shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that in my life the most right-wing group is Parents of my Friends.

My friends are largely white people who grew up in Not-NYC (my pet name for the part of America west of the Hudson River) and left their family to come here. It makes sense that the families they left behind might be… behind.

I love this video for it’s simplicity.

But also for it’s implication that this video is for the parents of adults. Because they need help.

Lets Limp Along

31 Jan

I’m trying to find something, some piece of resistance that I can do consistently without going crazy. Because feeling like I’m accomplishing something makes me feel good, but feeling like I’m clawing my way uphill certainly does not.

I donate monthly to the organizations listed here. That helped when I signed up for them. And it helps me sleep on days where I feel like I contributed nothing to society. I was sick and drank tea all day, I didn’t go to any meetings, call any senators or even go exercise.

I bought a stack of postcards to send to my congressmen. It actually made me feel better. I ignored the scripts I found online and spoke from the heart, using my best guilting-jewish-grandmother tone.

Senator, I was really disappointed to hear that you voted yes on that bill. I hope that you can be more representative of your constituents in the future so that I can be proud to vote for you next time around.

Affixing a superwoman stamp to each one.

But reading the updates, what’s coming up for a vote, what’s on the chopping block, what I should be reacting to and writing about, it’s more than I can do once a week. And the phone calls, I’m not sure I can do the phone calls.

It’s a disheartening time to be young and passionate in America. It makes me long to be young and passionate somewhere else. It’s a tough time for values that wouldn’t be classified as “religious right.” Or alt-right.

The Excellence Of Curiosity

7 Dec

Learning is constant. It happens all over your brain. It may not always feel good but it is always good for you.

I Wish Bill Nye Was At My Birds And Bees Talk

5 Oct

Wonderful, beautiful, sexy genius Bill Nye tells anti-choice legislators that they literally don’t understand what they’re talking about. Because they don’t.

And a little treat for watching that delicious bit of awkwardness.

Suffragette Trailer

15 Jun

Anyone else need a good 2 minute Monday morning cry?

I’m typing with a mosquito bite on the pad of my pinky finger, what’s your excuse?

I think one of the best redeeming factors of being an older woman in hollywood must be getting do be in historical films. Real events had older women present, usually front and center. Even when the creators of RomCom’s and action movies can’t be trusted to imagine them.

Believe Women

13 Feb

I just literally gasped and teared up during a YouTube video about female ejaculation.

The question isn’t if female ejaculation is real. It’s why you don’t trust women to tell you.

I don’t have a personal investment in female ejaculation. I can’t do it so what do I care? But I do have a personal investment in people trusting women to describe and report their experiences.

I’m tired of people not believing women who report rapes. I’m tired of doctors not believing women’s own accounts of their symptoms and timelines.

Believe women. Believe them in all things.

Yes, a tiny number of people lie about being raped, but almost all rapists lie about raping.

Believing Victims Is the First Step to Stopping Rape –

29 Jan

So of course I went to and watched far too much of it even though it was midnight and I had an interview in the morning. My favorite part was John Fugelsang’s bit around minute 13 in the second part of the video.

So save the date for September 28th. Put it in your google cal like I did. And we’ll have a party or something. We’ll celebrate our rights to vote and seek legal medical procedures. I don’t know. We’ve got 9 months to think of something. If people can figure out what to name a kid in less time than that I’m sure we can plan a little party to celebrate our lady parts and their justice.