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The Bechdel Test In Numbers

25 Apr

When I left home for college I met the first person in my life who was all “feminism is bullshit, we don’t need it.” I had no idea how to respond. I’d never met someone like that before. My blood boiled, feminism was duh. Why you gotta be so dumb? And (worst of all) also have a pretty face I want to talk to? Argh! Conflict.

But here we have. Science, facts. The backup for that conversation that I was looking for then.

The charts are amazing.

The silence is brutal.

Love, Hate and Hannah Horvath

22 Apr

In college we read the play Proof. In one of the early scenes there’s a bit where the main character’s sister suggests she use a particular shampoo.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.53.16 PM

The teacher said “it’s one of the great tricks of this playwright. You don’t know that hair is dead. You have no reason to be on Catherine’s side of this fight and yet instead of being on Claire’s team the entire audience is with Catherine, thinking her sister is an idiot.”

And that’s what I think of when people criticize HBO’ Girls and hate on Hannah Horvath. In season 5 there is a moment where Hannah goes away for the weekend with her mother and before bed her mother brushes her teeth.

“Hannah, aren’t you going to brush your teeth?”

I’m a morning brusher. I go at it hard in the morning.”

Immediately you hate Hannah. And remember that you did exactly the same thing last night. And have a certain amount of internal conflict about those two facts co-existing.

That, to me is the beauty of the show. That is why it’s so cringe worthy. It’s why we hate it and simultaneously can’t look away. It’s what makes it a brilliant slice of the early 2010s instead of trite hipster trash (well, maybe they’re not mutually exclusive). That’s what it means when I say the show is smart. That’s what it means when I defend a completely indefensible character.

Vocalize Your Multitudes!

9 Oct

I have a new musical guilty pleasure.

Women who do both the rap and singing sections of their songs.

I love how her voice flips from the chorus into the verses, dropping down from something falseto and thin into something strong and full. Full of all the multitudes of being a woman.

Yes, just make me feel all the feelings.

Unlearn White Skin Being The Default

7 Oct


I’ve been looking at this and loving it for a while. I’ve been putting off posting it because I don’t know what I can really add to it.

But I think the answer is that I don’t have to add to it. I’m white, I’m gonna default to listening to others instead of thinking I have all the answers.

Adair You To Be Awesome

30 Sep

This is the most heartening thing I’ve ever seen.

Also, I want to point out that in the full news report the founders say “They’re pants for when you wanted to have a ‘lazy day'”

That’s what women say. I’m not having a lounge. I’m having a lazy day. Even when women want to have a little R&R they can’t help but use a negative word to describe how they do it. The words we use are important, their positivity can be important too.

Old School Sex Advice By Complete Morons

28 Sep

The full video is here, I couldn’t get it to embed but it’s great.

All The Shitty Things I Regret Writing, the name of the book that the ladies say should be the next in the series by these dead writers. I’d love to read that.

Sex advice that isn’t helpful to you can just go straight in the trash, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Til It Happens To You

21 Sep

My blood is boiling.

In a good way.