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My New Favorite Kind Of Crush

24 Jun

As I stow my tray table and return my seat back to its upright position for my return to the dating pool I’m starting to actually enjoy the things I enjoy about dating.

I have a new favorite type of crush.

Noticing someone.

That feeling when you just know if they’re around. They mutter under their breath about the time and you’re suddenly highly aware of all clocks. If their eyes hit you, you know it, even if you’re pretty sure you weren’t looking at them. When they whisper something (friendly) in your ear because the music is loud and you notice that your neck is covered in skin.

I like this kind of crush because I feel in control. Not in control of liking them but of what I do. I want to be my best self in front of this new person to impress them and therefore myself. I don’t even need to want this person. They could even be in a relationship with someone else. It’s the lowest stakes crush.

That’s what feels so good. The stakes are where I can handle them. Nothing is expected of me. I can just enjoy the like.


12 Sep

A few years ago now a family friend introduced me to a webcomic. is one of the strangest things I’ve ever been turned on by. It’s a series of comics, most with some sort of sexual undertone although some are “Safe.” I’d certainly put them under my NSFW tab if I had one.

They range from vaguely involving something sexual in a funny way.

To not really involving sex at all.

To make you blush-worthy.

I’ve taken a particular liking to the goddess. She just always makes me giggle.




Critique It While It’s Hot

6 Aug

I’m a big believer in the theory that there isn’t anything in the world that can’t be used for either good or evil. And that includes the dick pic.

Clearly Janet is looking at some less-than-great ones.

However, I would like to point out (and I know I’ve casually linked before) critique my dick pic again and thank her for her tireless work improving the world of dick pics.

I can’t decide what I like better, the really good ones.

Or the really bad ones.

Or the ones that promote discussion.

Or just her subheader.


I welcome submissions from POC, trans people, and anyone else who will promote diversity at critique my dick pic. please send only your absolute best work to — lazy efforts will be discarded.

I also want to point out that there are other websites that pretend to be but fall very short of being as good as this one. RateMyDickPic doesn’t accept DOC’s and comments mostly via “I like dicks to look like this.” Clearly she pales in comparison.


Goodness, Gracious, Great…

21 Apr

Am I ovulating or something?

Ha, I just googled Jon Hamm. It isn’t just me.

How I love a man who dresses ‘right.’

What’s It All About?

24 Jun

I’ve been accused of having a blog that is “all about looking at hot guys,” having a blog that is all about butts. This isn’t a blog that is all about butts. THIS is a blog about butts.

Plus, I could be so much worse (read: better). I could serve up a post about Henry Cavill.

I could insert gifs like this.

And pictures like this.

You could rest assured I wouldn’t forget this one.

Or this one. Hmmmm… Curls…

And I could even include a collage of butt if I so chose.

Thanks Buzzfeed. I might actually go see the new Superman movie now.

Poor Floppy

29 Apr

Like many of the young people who aren’t obsessed with Indiana Jones (I hope) I think of Harrison Ford as looking like this old bag of bones.

Basically he’s just a person I never think about.

And then on Saturday I had a cosmic win, I turned on the TV just in time to catch Notting Hill!  YES!!! Notting Hill is one of the only movies that I know every word to but will not speak along with because I just enjoy experiencing it so much. God, do I love that movie.

Well, as with all good things, each time I watch Notting Hill I find something new in it. And in this watching I noticed that Will Thacker’s (Hugh Grant) wife left him for someone who “looked like Harrison Ford.”


Rough Day?

28 Aug

Not anymore.