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Head Space

You know that moment in magic-y, thriller-y , sci-fi-antasy movies where the guy is like

Bend the spoon with your mind!

And Neo is like

Are you crazy? I can’t bend a spoon with my mind!

And the other guy is like

Don’t tell me you can’t do it. Don’t think about it, just do it!

And then he does it!?

That’s how I feel in a really good yoga class. If I stop thinking about how or why or whether I can do it then suddenly I can do things that are otherwise impossible. It’s magical, that feeling when you get an instruction and then your body does it without having to consult your brain. That reminder that your body is a thing that you can run around and play in, stretch and bend. The form of it isn’t bound by anything, not even your brain. Not even your imagination.

Your body can run off in the playground of someone else’s fantasy too.

The world is full of people who can tap you into that subspace where your body leads and your brain follows. Go find them!


Wouldn’t Want To Be Too New

A guy today complained that I called rock climbing the “new hip thing.”

Well not really. It’s not that new. I’ve been doing it for a while.

Ok, but you did it at kids birthday parties like a normal person, right? And then started going regularly within the last year? Like once Brooklyn Boulders opened, right?

Of course you’ve “been doing it a while” but it’s not like you’ve been doing it consistently weekly for the last 5 years.

It reminds me of when I visited the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa, Israel.

I had never heard of the Baha’i religion. What I was told is that it’s a newer book religion.

But they consider it a continuation of the other 3 religious books. So they consider themselves just as old as Judaism. No one wants to be a ‘new’ religion.

It’s the same reason why banks like to use have roman columns out front. No one wants to look like they’re late, young, untrustworthy.

Get over it, rock climbers. It’s a newly re-cool thing.

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Favorite Feminism Of The Day: Everyone Is Gay

Everyone Is Gay is an organization that makes videos, answers questions, and visits schools (elementary and up) talking about sexuality, parents, identity and whatever else you want to ask about.

They spew such simple statements as

“Your parents may feel uncomfortable until they feel comfortable.”


“Don’t be a jerk”

Like I always say Keep It Simple, Stupid.

This is probably one of my favorite episodes so far. I love that they make discoveries while shooting. I love that they approach things differently and have differing levels of comfort with statements and activities, and still find their way back to agreeing with each other through problem solving. And they solve all problems with words. Never do they say, if you don’t like what your partner is doing blink at them in morse code until they figure it out, ahem, Cosmo.

So here is the playlist that I listened to for an hour and a half yesterday as I cleaned the house.

And did I mention they lip sync too? What more could you want?


There’s A Really Interesting Design Choice In The Bathroom

There’s this game I like to play at restaurants. It’s really great as an ice breaker if you’re with a large group. It can work in bars too but ideally you don’t want the players too drunk or the place too loud.

The game can only take place under very specific conditions. Those conditions being:

There’s a really interesting design choice in the bathroom.

Which is what I’ll name the game.

Basically how it works is

1) Your entire party must go to the bathroom.

2) One at a time.

3) Over an unassuming period of time.

4) When you return from your trip to the bathroom, you need to describe the experience/choice/quality in one (1) word.

You aren’t allowed to say anything more than your one allotted word about the thing until everyone has had a turn.

Also, for bonus points you’re allowed to tell your waiter about the game and get their one word, but they can only use one word. And don’t make them feel weird about it guys, be classy.

For example, this would be a great bathroom for this game.

Once everyone has had a turn you could choose who had the best word and declare a winner. Or not. Whatever.