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The Role of The Artist in Society

18 Oct

My dad had a story he liked to tell over dinner.

He was seeing a show and at a certain part everyone was yelling over each other. It was supposed to be some sort of a press conference and then one person would shout his question.

“What is the role of the artist in society?”

And the other actor gave an answer but dad couldn’t remember it.

So every time he told the story you got to answer it anew.

What is the role of the artist in society?

What makes someone an artist?

Maybe it’s when you seek out the deepest part of yourself and turn it into something that taps into the same deep part of someone else.

More rupi Love

9 Dec

And let me not forget to mention that the talented and graceful rupi is also the artist behind this

wonderful display of femininity and courage to “demystify the period and make something that is innate ‘normal’ again.”

I will not apologise for not feeding the ego and pride of misogynist society that will have my body in an underwear but not be ok with a small leak when your pages are filled with countless photos/accounts where women (so many who are underage) are objectified, pornified, and treated less than human.

Role model.

Striking You Like A Klimt

24 Apr

I know I mention Klimt a lot on here, but I just wanted to say,

I can look at your thigh and see a beautiful, force of nature.

And this artist could look at a woman and see the surface of a distant shimmering planet.

Water Serpents, by Gustav Klimt

It’s All About That Basin

Nothing Makes Me Feel More Beautiful Than Paintings Of Women Lounging

20 Mar

Women in repose.

I think it reminds me that the artist found this sight beautiful enough to paint. And generations of people found it captivating.

And not only did the artist find her beautiful, but the artist found her as beautiful as the blue that is the shadow of her knee.

It’s a lovely blue that was chosen to express the loveliness of that knee. And an equally lovely pink to express the loveliness of her calf.

How lovely to remember that I can look at women every day and remember that they’re as lovely as my favorite shade of purple.

Maybe that’s the artist’s gift to society. To remind us that the things we don’t always look at are still beautiful.

The Art Assignment

7 Nov

The Art Assignment is a YouTube series I’ve really enjoyed watching, and not just because I love John Green.

I like feeling like I’m a part of a community.

I’m chatty. I’m good at “Networking.” I’m a huge extrovert. But the real point of all those things is that I desire community. I crave it. Nerdfighteria provides that.

Vlogbrothers reminds me I’m a part of a community that decreases world-suck and The Art Assignment reminds me I’m a part of a community that increases beauty and joy in the world. So if you have a free moment and you feel that same urge then call the number in the video. Be a part of something greater than yourself. And watch a few videos of people making fools of themselves in the name of art. I promise it’ll feel good.


12 Sep

A few years ago now a family friend introduced me to a webcomic. is one of the strangest things I’ve ever been turned on by. It’s a series of comics, most with some sort of sexual undertone although some are “Safe.” I’d certainly put them under my NSFW tab if I had one.

They range from vaguely involving something sexual in a funny way.

To not really involving sex at all.

To make you blush-worthy.

I’ve taken a particular liking to the goddess. She just always makes me giggle.




Shantell Martin Drawing On Everything

25 Jul

I’m obsessed with this series of images from Shantell Martin’s exhibit at MoCADA.

I love the idea of being drawn on.

I don’t have any tattoo’s and I don’t have a real desire for one. I’m more attracted to the idea of my body being a slate that can be marked and wiped clean like an etch a sketch.

I love the way bodies can be scraped and scab and heal and scar, it’s like watching a microcosm of evolution on your own knee. And it always reminds me that I’m just as alive as the plants that grow and die and grow again.

Markers will mark, be wiped off, leave a tint, be wiped again, and eventually (sadly) be gone without a trace. But that just means that you can draw a new story on your skin. A new story for the new day.

It also makes me think of how makeup and selfies and fashion allow us to decide for ourselves how we want the world to see us. What we want to be today, what we want our bodies to say today.

Allowing someone else to draw on you is a bond, “I allow you to write my story today.” I trust you.

And both the art and the trust are so beautiful.