Advice, Confidence

I make space for what is next for me

The other day my roommate walked into the living room in a neon green shirt and asked me did I like it.

No. Not at all. Do you like it?

She’d had it in her closet for years and had never worn it once.

I’ve been trying to wear more color.

The brightest color I’ve ever seen you wear is navy. This color feels like you’re trying to be a totally different person.

Just because it’s already here doesn’t mean you’re bonded to it for life. You want to wear more color, my neutral queen? My autumnal goddess? Walk through aisles asking for something to call to you. Just look at what you’ve bought yourself recently, burnt umber, mustard, even right now you’re in a maroon I love.

When we discover we’ve outgrown someone or something, the biggest gift we can give them is freedom. And to use the awareness to seek what is more aligned for us.

Don’t force yourself to go backwards just because they’re here. It is a disservice to the world to dim your light and become resentful.

The kindest thing you can do is to set them free into the world to find someone who gives them the best life possible. Someone who is waiting to love them.

It is the privilege of age and growth to look back at what no longer serves and allow yourself to grow past it, to move on and to kiss goodbye with a fond farewell anything that you part with along the way. Honor the breakup.

I see your value, I release you back into the world, and I make space for what is next for me.

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