Lately I’ve been making friends with my jealousy

Oh and isn’t she happy to have my love.
It’s certainly taken me long enough.

Years of pushing her away, declaring that she wasn’t good enough.
That what she had to say was bad and wrong.
When all she wanted to do was

Illuminate my desires.

Oh you’re jealous of the way he’s touching her? Sweet perfection. It’ll make a gorgeous request.

Jealous of the ease with which she explains herself? Wow, I’ve never thought to practice that before.

The view out that window? Ah, and now I know the kind of landscape where I want to live.

All the sensations and messages of the body are here to gift me their wisdom. My jealousy most of all.

Tell me what turns me on, remind me I don’t have it. Yet.

Knowing what it is. That’s the first step to attaining my hearts desire.
Thank you jealousy,
My beautiful friend,
It’s so lovely to have you back.

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