Shades Of Sexy

14 Feb

The english language has many failings. Many words that should exist but don’t. Words that have dueling meanings. It’s a mess.

And the word “Sexy” is one of those failures.

The word sexy should be split into two words. There should be one word for the sexiness that happens between my eyeballs and my brain when I watch Kahl Drogo screw in a lightbulb even though he is not thinking about sex. It should be the same word that guys yell on the street when I’m walking home and thinking about whether of not I have brussels sprouts in the fridge. It should be some sort of shortened version of “You Conjure Sexiness In My Mind!”

Like when people say “You’re so cute when you’re mad.” Well I don’t feel like a teddy bear right now, I feel like a hyena that would very much like to murder you.

It should be a different word from the other sexy. The sexy I feel for the first 3 minutes of any time I wear heels. The way I feel when I go to sleep in a cashmere sweater and nothing else. The way Beyonce feels between her body and her brain when she’s dancing in her music videos.

There’s you thinking he’s sexy because he’s changing this tire and he’s really annoyed and all but his arms look damn good covered in grease. And there’s him feeling sexy because he’s watching the candlelight dance across the ceiling.

Objectification is only fun when the second feeling is also present.

Sometimes we think that the second feeling, the inside sexy is also present in our partner when it isn’t yet. And that’s why we have mouths to ask. How does this make you feel? What do you want to do? Are your toes cold? Are you comfortable?

So do it. Just ask. It’ll be fun. It’ll be fine.

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