Murray’s Law

22 Dec

Lately I can’t seem to get this quote out of my head.

I’m not entirely sure it applies to people who live the life that I lead, traveling, touring, getting out and around the world regularly.

I think what he’s trying to say is that when you find someone you think might be the one then you should throw yourself into the toughest positions imaginable with them. See how you pull each other out and through.

If they can not only see you through, but improve, make amazing, a chapter of your life that could have been horrifying, then maybe they do deserve to get to see you through the rest of it.

After all, what other horrors could they make (nearly) fun. Illness, pain, grief. They might give perspective to existing family drama, old grudges or anxious situations.

A person capable of improving your perspective on the world is invaluable.

I think that’s what Murray is saying.

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