Leadership A La You

22 Sep

I simultaneously love and hate viewing women’s place in society through this lens. I think that the overarching point that Ezra is avoiding making (or perhaps doesn’t think of making) is that this problem: the skills we train women in, like listening, can be incredibly effective in all sectors but are undervalued in industries that are male dominated by choice or by history.

Men can learn to appreciate those qualities, exercise them, and value the leadership skills of women.

Also, women can see the weaknesses in leaning too heavily on those skills and learn to back them up with qualities we more value more in men; oration, clarity and the funneling of ideas.

There were a lot of moments in this video where I felt kinship with her. Either for myself or for women I know.

I hope she wins. I’ll be doing my part to make it happen. I look forward to seeing the changes, the progress, and also what all of us can learn from what happens in that time.

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