Be A Good Citizen

5 Aug

I am so sick of conversations about how men should be “Gentlemen.” Wouldn’t it be better if all people were just good citizens?

For example, if you’re on a bus and there is a lot of luggage to take off, wouldn’t it be better for everyone if we defaulted to letting the people who get off the bus first take off their own bags and the ones near to them rather than wanting the few men there are to take off all the bags? Maybe the men are not going to be off the bus quickly because they were asleep or in the back or sitting in window seats.

I promise that you can carry your own bag, young lady. You’ll feel so good afterwards. Your muscles may ache a bit but I promise it’ll pass.

And in the same way that a guy putting gel in his hair won’t make him less of a man, you carrying your own bag won’t make you any less of a woman.

It’ll make everything move faster. It’ll make the whole project more effective, It’ll make at least one person in the room *raises hand* respect you more.

If we say that everyone should pitch in according to their ability then everyone gets more out of it.

And I refuse to believe that the men are not the only people with ability.

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