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Sex Positivity Is Just Not Being Judgy

This was too good not to post.

Sex positivity isn’t about what you do. It’s about how you make people feel. Welcome, unjudged, safe.

1 thought on “Sex Positivity Is Just Not Being Judgy”

  1. Cool. It’d also be just great if sex-positive apostles could more often acknowledge that the preaching is coming from their own backgrounds of repression, which not everybody shares. Likewise, recognition that kids frequently have needs that can conflict with, and indeed have priority over, your own sexual desires is an important thing. Sex-positive lit’s often written as though the entire world’s made of 32-year-old childless people.

    Also, I would like to put out a call to people to figure this shit out about themselves as early as possible, not only for their own sakes but so that they can avoid screwing over others. I have too many friends whose lives, and whose children’s lives, were upended because their spouses/partners came to late recognition or acceptance that they were actually gay, or trans, or weren’t really up for monogamy after all. And the reality is that when someone with kids divorces in middle age, that person’s unlikely to find someone else compatible for years…often they never will. They’re extremely busy trying to raise and support kids, they’re not terribly mobile or free to hang and travel, they’re largely invisible datingwise, and they can’t just be picking up with whoever suits their tastes sexually, themselves; they have kids to protect. Meanwhile Mr. or Ms. Self-Realized just doesn’t understand where all the bitterness is coming from and why the kids are treating him or her like a bad guy — after all, you have to be yourself, right?

    Meh, I don’t know…the more I look at the cartoon, the more I think, yeah, this is a cartoon for a certain time of life.

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