Birthday Presents

30 Dec

So I just had a birthday.

And, this being 2015, Facebook broadcast that fact and by the time I woke up this morning, a year older than I was last night, I had over 100 birthday wishes on my wall.

Scrolling through all of those is the fastest way to get a big head.

But when you look through that list there are always a couple of people who stick out.

I haven’t talked to her in years, it’s so sweet that she thought of me.

I forgot that the guy I was obsessed with in high school (and who consequently broke my heart) is now my friend on facebook.

And wants me to have a happy birthday.

So one of the lovely birthday presents I got this year was the following piece of information:

The person who just broke your heart, there will probably come a day when you FORGET you even knew them. And they’re wishing you a happy birthday.

Time is so cool.

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