Mae And Me And Our Moms Should Hang

The first time I had sex I called my mom too. Not with such speed though.

When I was younger my mom really loved to watch Gilmore Girls together and fantasize that we could be as open with each other as Rory and Lorelai.

All I ask is that when you do you have sex, you tell me.

With that look that says I’m going to be really disappointed if you don’t.

So when I did it I promised myself that the next time I spoke to her I would tell her.

So I didn’t call her for a while. “A while” for us means about a week. And then when I had to ask her something about flight information or whatever I called her and I made myself make it the first thing I said.

And she was cool enough about it I guess. She asked how it went. My review was not a rave, she was bummed on my behalf. She asked if she could tell my dad, which was sort of a respectful surprise in retrospect.

But it did teach me that she wouldn’t freak out. That if there was something I needed to come to her about then I could.

There have always been a lot of adults I could come to with problems. I’m really grateful for that. And in return I’ve resolved to be one of those people for others, whenever it’s necessary.

How well we do at listening is a daily question but trying is better than not trying.

PS, you should go watch that interview, it’s great.

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