Be A Rose, Or A Daisy, Or Whatever

21 Oct

I was working with a friend the other day when we ran into a woman I know. She might be younger than us but only barely.

“Your friend is cute.”

A few hours later she came back.

“Nah, I changed my mind.”

And then a few hours later.

“You know, I think the thing about her is that she’s very pretty, but she just doesn’t have anything womanly about her. You know? It’s not even that she looks… pre-pubescent or anything, she just feels so young, you know? Her voice, the way she phrases questions, the way she looks at you, like a kid.”

A bit later I realized what I liked about this description.

I’ve been called womanly before, as a compliment and it never felt like much of one. Womanly, duh, I’m a woman. Is that a boob comment?

But having an idea of someone who is without that quality made it easier to pick out what defines that quality in my head. An earthyness, a groundedness. Somewhere between maternal and mysterious. Spontaneous and in control.

This young woman has many charms but it was interesting to see the definition of a compliment reflected in the opposite of it in someone else.

It just goes to show the diversity of humans and how every kind of person is beautiful to someone.

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