Take Five

16 Oct

Some days everything is a struggle.

The world is against you and even the tools that are supposed to work for you spit in your face.

So what helps in those moments? What has been working for me?

Take a break. I find that when I’m getting frustrated with work then staring at it some more will just make me break out into hives. Take a break. Make some tea, tweeze a few hairs out of your calf, who cares, just take your mind off it for a minute or two.

Phone a friend. “Hey, what are you doing right now? I’m chipping away at a serious project and I’m calling you to stop my brains from dripping out my ears.” “That’s great, I’m so happy to hear from you.” Tada, positive reinforcement.

So basically, “take five” is my advice.

The pens won’t be so scary in five minutes.

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