This Just In: Family Makes Day Better

14 Oct

My grandmother is about to move up from Florida to be closer to the rest of our family.

And I am so happy about it.

Today I had the evening off and out of the blue I decided to call my aunt and uncle who she is staying with and casually ask what they were doing for dinner tonight. Within an hour I was on my way and eating a delicious home cooked meal with them. Talking about work and new pets and life. Putting down the very stressful day of work that I had had and instead talking about what great books everyone was reading, how my little cousin was the librarian’s special helper and was given the honor of scanning out the books for her classmates. What a respite from the rest of my life, what an escape. What good fortune.

There is a time for moving away from your family, for becoming your own person on your own terms and showing that their approval doesn’t make or break your life.

But there is also a time for recognizing that these people respect the decisions you’ve made and are in your corner cheering you on, excited to hear about it whenever you’re ready to talk and to make sure you have enough dishes.

Not everyone has a family like that, a built-in support system, not everyone is so lucky. But I am. And I’m going to be more grateful for it.

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