5 Things This Guy Did That Make Me Want To See Him Again And One That Doesn’t

16 Sep

I’ve been seeing a really wonderful guy. He’s smart, smart enough to keep me coming back for more. Interesting, funny, curious about the world and me. There are lots of pro’s in his favor, and only one con.

  1. He’s a great partner in crime, literally. We were in a bar and I told him I was going to steal an engraved glass. When we had each finished our drinks he started to stand and I said “not yet.” when the bartender had moved back down the bar and the glass was fully in my purse I gave him the cue and he walked out calm and cool under pressure. That was attractive.
  2. Continuing on our walk, and high on my own personal illicit act we stopped into a little import store and were greeted by a sweet little shopkeeper who offered us free indian dessert. My date at the perfect volume warned me “maybe you shouldn’t eat that, there could be dairy in it” and the owner gave me a different treat.
  3. Earlier that evening when we met up outside a bar of his choosing and I said “that bar looks horrible, let’s go somewhere else” and he seemed mildly nervous at having failed to impress but happy to go on an adventure together.
  4. He saw an article about menstruation and ripped it out to give to me.
  5. We talked on the phone while he was drunk the other day and he annoyed me. The next day I told him what had upset me and he apologized.


He kissed me and I felt nothing. I’ve felt more passion being licked by a dog. But maybe that’ll come. Maybe I put too much stock in there being electricity right away? Though in my (minimal and mostly negative) experience, there often tends to be.

I just really want to like him so much.

He’d be the first one I’d pick for my dodgeball team. If I was going to play escape the room I’d want him on my team because I’d know he’d look out for me, be a useful asset and we’d have fun too. But after we succeeded we’d high five instead of embrace, and that just isn’t enough for me.

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