How To Apply Eyeliner

4 Sep


Step 1, give yourself time. Putting on eyeliner takes 90 seconds if you mess it up and have to do it again. Give yourself 20 minutes.

Step 2, select something you’re going to like applying. Lots of glitter? Thick and dark? Electric blue? Ideally something that says IDGAF what you think loud and clear. That’s kind of the most important part.

Step 3, lay it on thick. IDGAF. Your face should say IDGAF. Ideally you would write IDGAF in eyeliner on your face, but this is likely unacceptable for the place you need courage to be in.

Step 4, admire your work. You did this. You made this change. You are in control of your body and the work that comes out of it. You are effectual. You are consequential. And you are to be reckoned with.

Note that if you saw that girl on the street you would give her a wide berth. You would respect her individuality and her self confidence. Know that the people you’ll be seeing today will be thinking this about you.

Step 5, ROCK IT OUT. You are a rock star. You look like a rock star. If you need to be reminded of your rock star status just look in the mirror (this is the greatest benefit of glitter nail polish, you don’t need a mirror to see it).

You set the rules of your body and your world. If you decide that glitter and eyeliner make you an amazon warrior then no one’s opinion on the matter matters more than yours. Go forth. Wage war!

Conquer your enemies, enslave them, convert them.

Psst, and by your enemies I mean the parts of yourself that don’t believe you can do it.

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