Overcoming My Impostor Syndrome

2 Sep

I’m starting a new job very shortly and I have to start believing that I can do it. I keep calling my mother up “Tell me I can do this. Tell me they didn’t just give me the job because they don’t know how unqualified I am.”

So of course I found an article about Impostor Syndrome and am working through it.

21 Proven Ways To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Here are the things I’m reminding myself over and over:

Even the people who do this all the time don’t have massive amounts of experience with it. And they still mess up. A lot.

I was given this job because I’m the right person for it. I may not be the most qualified candidate, I might not have the most experience. But I am the right person for it in the opinion of the person who is qualified to make such a judgement, the person giving me the job.

The job isn’t actually that important. I’m not deciding whether to bomb a country, I’m putting on a play. It’s just as much ‘just a play’ as it was when I did it in high school. Technically this is an easier play than the one I did in high school actually.

I’m going to do my absolute best. I’m going to put in the time and do the homework and quiz myself on the choreography and do everything I can do to be as prepared as I can be. I will not skimp. I will give 110%.

The last time I did this job somewhere else I got massive compliments. I didn’t think I did anything spectacular but I got recommended for another job because of it. The company gave me more money than originally planned. My mentor cried at my progress.

I can’t compare myself to the people who do this all the time because they do this all the time and because on average they’re 20+ years older than I am. They want me to succeed, they want me to join their ranks. I have to at least hold it together enough to try for them.

They already know that I feel like a fraud and they’re trying to show me that it’s ok anyway.

Is feeling nervous about this helpful to you?

Maybe you should go to the gym, or bake some brownies or look at this gif.

I feel like an impostor because of Impostor Syndrome. It’s all in my mind.

Do you need a pep talk?

I could be really good.

It’ll be a really great story no matter what.

I’m going to learn so much.

This is just the first step that Future Me took to get where she went.

When I start the job I’ll be a person in that job and therefore no longer a faker but an actual person who is paid to do that job.

And if all else fails I’ll call my mother and ask her to tell me again that I can do it. Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else believe in you for you.

I can do this.

2 Responses to “Overcoming My Impostor Syndrome”

  1. Merrie September 2, 2015 at 9:22 pm #

    You can do it and do it well

  2. hope levav September 2, 2015 at 11:19 pm #

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! sorry, i just had to yell.

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