You Never Quite Grow All The Way Up

19 Aug

I love children. One of my favorite things they do is fall down and then look up at their parents as if to ask “Did I hurt myself?” and then waiting for a visual cue as to whether they should cry or not.

You can usually tell a first time parent immediately based on how they respond.

It is one of my all-time favorite things to witness, it’s such a wonderful faculty of human-ness. And I’ve always associated it with the tiny ones.

But today I did it myself. I sliced my finger open at work and felt the twinge, and looked down at my thumb as if to ask it “Do you hurt?” I was so surprised I wouldn’t be surprised if I had said it out loud.

I’m currently re-reading what might be my favorite book We Need To Talk About Kevin and it’s about having a kid. It’s about how people at all ages still have personalities all their own. It’s a reminder that the things we think kids do because ‘they’re just young and stupid’ might just be the things that we’re not willing to admit we do anymore.

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