Listen, It Really Is That Simple

31 Jul

I had a really great date the other day. Surprisingly good.

I’ll tell you why.

Before we met up I mentioned a movie I wanted to see. When it came time to pick a place to meet up he suggested we see that movie.

When we were walking around I mentioned that my feet were starting to hurt. A few minutes later when we were passing a bar he suggested I grab a table in there and slip my shoes off while he stopped in to buy the tickets.

I told him that I don’t eat dairy, when it came time to plan a second date he invited me to get sorbet.

I told this to a male friend of mine who was thrilled and told me a story.

A few years ago he was working with some high schoolers when his absolutely stunning ex-girlfriend-turned-close-friend came to visit. As you can imagine every jaw was on the floor.

“How did you get her?!”

To woo any girl in the world there is one thing you need to know. Listen. Listen to every word that comes out of her mouth and then remember it later. That’s it.

He told me this story and it was like watching my life flash before my eyes. The last good date I went on was good because he had been listening the entire time. The last horrible date I went on, a guy who repeatedly proved how much he wasn’t paying attention to anything I had said.

Guys always want to know how to get the girl.

It really is that simple.

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