Cailtlin Hofmeister Teaches Me How To Have A Past And A Future

3 Jul

I realized about 3/4 of the way through this video that I wasn’t breathing.

Last week I met a guy who spent 10 years doing what I do but on cruise ships. It was easier for him to name countries he hadn’t visited than the ones he had. He tallied up the hundreds of shows he’d worked on and the nationalities of people he’d gotten drunk with. Following dancer girlfriends around the fleet so they could visit new places together.

I wanna do that!

And as soon as I said it he offered to give my name to his old boss. I could do that. It wouldn’t be hard to convince someone I could do that job, it’s basically what I already do except on a boat.

But I’d be leaving things here. I own a couch now. And a headboard. While 5 years ago I would have given a limb to cruise around the world for a while, now… less so.

I wouldn’t count it completely out, but my feelings toward it are complicated. Maybe that back and forth between what old me wants and what new me wants is what people call a quarter-life-crisis. Maybe it’s just what happens when you live long enough to want a multitude of things.

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