Don’t Go Backwards

22 Jun

A little over a year ago I did a gig out of town. I love doing jobs out of town because I get to meet an entirely new little universe of people. I drop like a little pearl onto a planet where things are familiar and wholly different. It’s great fun. And I get to meet people who are all going through the same things as my friends back home but in social circles that will never be my problem.

I met a guy who had recently gotten out of one relationship and into another. One of the other people we were eating with knew his ex and we were talking about how she had broken up with him in a bit of a fit and then came crawling back a few months later “I was so crazy when I broke up with you. I was freaking out about this other aspect of my life and I took it out on you.”

And apparently when she said all this his only response was “No, I don’t go backwards.” So simple.


Move forward and don’t look back.

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