If You Want To Call, Just Call

27 May

If you want to call, just call

If you have something to say just say it.

If you’re hoping to ask me to the ballet, don’t wait for me to call you.

If you want to hire me, drop a note.

If you want to hear how my day was, stop by.

If you want me back, write a post card.

Don’t wait.

I just saw a Tumblr post that referenced phone call anxiety and I suddenly remembered that when I first started doing the adult thing I would freak out before EVERY SINGLE PHONE CALL. I’m not even a terribly anxious person, it’s just a weird way to communicate and I felt weird about it. I would get scared before calling Dominos for chrissake.

This is weird because I now talk on the phone an average of several times per day and the idea that it would freak me out is completely foreign. Sometimes I’ll have a phone call with someone who is obviously anxious and it can be difficult to remember that I was once that person. I feel like, in time, I would have forgotten that thing about myself completely and would probably think “kids these days with their weird anxieties…who would ever be anxious about a PHONE CALL!”

The world is weird…[x]

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