How I Fell In Love With A Dog Instead Of His Jew. OR More Musings On What Love Might Be based On A Single Intoxicated Evening. 

29 Apr

The other night I hung out with a very charming guy. Pretty, Jewish, artistic, great taste in music, incredible dog.

Really incredible dog.

And I think I fell in love with his pup. When I met her she brought me a toy to throw and every time she would bring it she would tug on it. Soon I realized that if I didn’t tug back then she would be forced to just drop it for me. We trained each other.

At one point I put one hand on the toy and looked at her. And she looked back in understanding and let it go for me.

And I understood how one could love a dog. Love. Like you love a child or a family member, or someone who also loves your favorite book.

Maybe love is just a series of infinitesimal moments of understanding.

Like the one I had with this incredible dog.

The guy on the other hand (for the record, very recently out of a multi-year relationship) we had a moment or two like that and then either we ran out of things to connect on or, I think is more likely, he didn’t want to be having those moments so soon. He wasn’t ready for them.

But what do I know about his heart, who am I?

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