Tashlich And Watching The Memories Float Away

8 Apr

In Judaism we have a tradition called Tashlich where on Jewish New Year we throw pieces of bread into lakes.

Tashlich comes from the Hebrew word meaning “to cast,” referring to the intent to cast away our sins via this meaningful and ancient Jewish custom common to both Ashkenazi and Sephardic communities. [x]

The pieces are meant to symbolize things we are atoning for.

It has the very graceful effect of letting you watch as the things you feel bad about mingle with the thousands of things other people in your community regret doing and then floating away forever. Even just the repetitive motion as you mentally relive those moments, its a kind of therapy.

Whenever I experience a loss I’m always reminded of how much I talk. I talk about the person I lost and wish I could shut up and then the words just keep coming. Sometimes it feels like I won’t be rid of them until I finish speaking each and every breadcrumb they are. Every good and every bad. However long that takes.

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