What Is That Called?

23 Jan

Last night I had an interesting experience. A great experience. I had a great time and my partner in crime had a great time too. He thanked me afterwards.

I went home with an acquaintance. We had sort of met before, but talked for real for the first time last night. He had an easy face to talk to and I guess he felt the same way about me. We were out with a group and ended up being the last two left, with still so much to talk about I went back to his house for some 3am tea. We talked about family and his new anti-anxiety-medicated life, work, all sorts of things.

He told me how beautifully I ran my hands over the textured surfaces in his house. The ridges on my teacup, the grain of the wood table, the cracks in the granite countertop. Every once in a while I’d mindlessly touch something and he’d stop talking, just stare at my hands and tell me how distracting it was.

I felt so serene and I suddenly wanted to gift him that serenity. So I turned off the light, sat on the table, put my feet on his chair “I’m going to take off your shirt so I can touch your back.”

And then I held him, ran my hands up and down his back, across his shoulder blades and through his hair for close to an hour. Breathed into his neck and felt his whole body relax under my touch.

And then we moved to the bed and continued doing that, clothed, no kissing, no touching bathing suit parts, nothing untoward. Just enjoying the delight of caressing and being caressed. Hugging and being hugged. Enveloping and being enveloped.

It was so wonderful.

Is there a good name for that?

And why don’t people do it more often?


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