Additional Appreciation- Michael

10 Nov

When I was in kindergarten I went to summer camp. And on the bus route was a boy named Michael. Michael and I decided we were boyfriend and girlfriend. But mostly only when no one else was around. We were the last two people to get off the bus usually and the bus driver would let the 3rd to last person off the bus and then wait for Michael to move from his seat in the last row to my seat in the first row, sit down, buckle up, hold hands with me, and then we would move on to his house and then finally my house.

Sometimes the bus driver would comment on how cute we were.

I have a memory of kissing Michael.

I have a memory of watching Michael’s babysitter pick him up from his bus stop and him look at me through the bus window and wonder when he’d see me again. That memory is very sad.

Michael was the first boy who wanted to be around me. And he’d be the only boy from then until about when I got boobs (which is a thing to be honest) who showed it without shame.

Michael taught me that even without boobs some boys want to hang around me just cause i’m worth hanging around and holding hands with. Even if it’s only for one more stop. He would rather stand with me on line than get to be first to ride the ponies. I’m important.

A few months ago I looked up Michael. I only remembered a few facts about him. He had a very specific mole, he grew up in a specific neighborhood, his name was Michael. But facebook is a miraculous thing and i’m pretty sure I found my kindergarten Michael.

I’ve wondered a lot about him over the last few years, what is he doing, does he remember me, would we get along now, is he important in my story.

I found him and he looks like an idiot now.

I didn’t send him a message. I just looked through all his pictures.

But he taught me that I can be important to people who aren’t my parents.

I appreciate that.

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