The New Cosmo And Can I Be Joanna Coles When I Grow Up?

31 Oct

The other day NPR made me cry. Literal tears in my eyes crying. And worst, it was about Cosmo.

Joanna Coles, the new editor in chief of Cosmo was being interviewed and she is getting added to my list of women I want to be when I grow up.

The interview is fantastic. I suggest you listen to it right freaking now.


This headline: “I Feel Lucky That I Can Wear What I Want, Sleep With Who I Want And Dance How I Want And Still Be A Feminist.”

“I think that women’s lives are multilayered. I have no problem understanding that women are interested in mascara and the Middle East. Men are allowed to talk about sports relentlessly, and yet we still take them seriously. I don’t understand why women can’t talk about fashion, or sex, or love, or wanting more money and not be taken as seriously as men.”

Joanna also reads a headline which includes the words “How to make him better in bed.” HIM BETTER IN BED, NOT YOU. I’M DYING.

Or how about how my new personal idol hired the COO of facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, to be the editor of the careers section and explain the wage gap or how to ask for a raise.

For years I’ve been avoiding the magazine like the plague. I guess that won’t be necessary anymore.

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