I’ll Pick Em Up

17 Oct

As a seriously single girl I have a lot of partnered friends who live vicariously through my dating life.

In my experience it isn’t all my partnered friends telling me how much happier I’ll be when I’m partnered, it’s more like them giggling at the details of my dating life and enjoying being shocked by my boldness. Whether that’s a matter of time or a marker of the kind of friends I have is up for debate.

The other day a friend of mine gave me a pickup line and promptly dared me to use it. Which of course I accepted.

I just bought this lip gloss. Wanna taste it?

It’s cheesy as hell (as all pickup lines are) but what the hell, who cares, isn’t that the point.

I’m going to be touring the watering holes of the west coast for the next two months so I figured I’d try it out there and open the floor for other suggestions. Are there any pickup lines that people want feedback on or just want to hear about me trying? I make a great guinea pig.

If you have any lines you want me to try out on unsuspecting Californians I’ll never see again, let me know. I’ll give full feedback.

One Response to “I’ll Pick Em Up”

  1. Ev Yankey October 17, 2014 at 6:18 pm #

    “I’ll give you a haircut”

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