Can We Start A Kickstarter Or Something?

3 Oct

These pieces were made by 18-year-old British artist Eleanor Beth Haswell and are unfortunately not available for sale. Which sucks because I would buy them so fast!

People make a lot of noise suggesting that the underwear you choose is for the person who theoretically gets to take it off of you but actually you are the most important client it has.

The collection is called “Why Are You So Afraid of Your Own Anatomy” and if twitter is anything to go by, the garments are only a catalyst for a conversation called “We Are Indeed Completely Afraid Of Our Own Anatomy.” Not that that surprises anyone.

However, as someone who has had to explain female reproductive anatomy to sexually active adult women (jeez), I think these are great. I want a pair for me and a dozen for christmas to give as gifts. Can we get on that?

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