Sorry About Last Night

10 Sep

On the list of fantastic feminist things that my friends have shown me Guys We Fucked ranks pretty high.

It’s an anti-slut-shaming podcast where two outspoken, funny, New Yorker ladies talk about and with guys they’ve slept with.

I love the format of giving women a vague topic and letting them riff on each other. Plus they’re comedians, so it’s just generally funny. This week they had an interesting and funny conversation about Beyonce’s relationship with feminism. Last week they had a great sex story featuring delivered starburst and demanded Ke$ha.

Plus, I love women who like to talk about sex/feminism/bodies as much as or more than I do. That’s always just exciting.

I’m subscribed to them and I highly recommend it. And then prepare yourself to giggle like a schoolgirl on the subway once a week.

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